Sunday, 23 September 2012

Face Toner

Toner is a part of skin cleansing but many people don't know about it's detail.

It is used because of two reasons,

1) It balances face PH.

2) It helps to remove residual dirt.


How To Select a Toner:

If you have acne on your face then select toner which is especially formulated for acne.

Avoid using toners having alcohol in it because it dries your skin.

Rose water is best toner for all skin type.

Toner Application on Face:

Make sure that your face is dry and clean before applying toner.

You can apply toner by pouring it on cotton ball or pad and never rub cotton ball or pad while apply toner.

Gently stroke the cotton ball on your face and never forget to clean corners of nose and hairline.

Before applying moisturizer on face, allow toner to absorb on your face approximately 2 minutes.

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